Casa del Grivò is a family-run small reality. Our intention is to share the beauty of this place and of the nearby nature. We are committed to ensuring that our guests have a genuine and authentic experience, sharing homely moments like having a glass of wine together or listening to Giulio playing guitar in the summer evenings. 

We are also willing to give our guests any information they might need, about how to organize customized touristic routes!


  • We believe in beauty and we love to share it with our guests, offer them an unforgivable stay surrounded by nature.
  • We are a small reality and we support the other local realities here in the nearby. You will have the possibility to taste the traditional friulan food and savor the local wines in the different farm houses and wine bars that we will show you.
  • Since you will be here our house will be yours, you will have your private spaces, but also the possibility to share common areas and enjoy the garden to relax or play with your children. 
  • We believe in harmony and inclusion, and for this reason everybody will be warmly welcome and there will be no space for any form of discrimination. It is important for us to remark that our place is an LGBTQ+ friendly reality and here you will be free to be yourself. 
  • We are trying to give our contribution for the care of the environment, and we ask your help to respect it with small but significant actions: following the rules for the waste sorting, dividing the waste in the special containers; trying to reduce the water waste (especially in summer time our region is under a special water consumption regime); trying to have alway a respectful behavior towards nature and the local fauna (such as salamanders, newts, wild animals…)
  • We promote a slow life style, looking for peace and well being.
  • We believe in the magic of life, and in the possibility to link together people from all around the world creating an international net of contacts, sharing different stories and experiences. 


Even if it’s been a while since we are living here, Casa del Grivò always shakes us and encourages us to think about new projects and new adventures that can be shared with people arriving here from all around the world! 

A project we are now working on, is about the creation of a cutting flower garden.We are just at the beginning, but we are full of enthusiasm and hope to delight you with a great and colourful blooming! This project will make the garden even more colourful, and it scent will spread around attracting butterflies and helping all those little insects we strongly need for keeping the environment healthy.