A suggestive harmonious place with the rural Fogolâr (a typical italian fireplace), seted up to offer a relaxing moment for reading.
In the library you will find some books in English as well!

The garden is wonderful, full of colors, flowers and butterflies, the embrace of the Walnut tree and the scent of Lime tree will guarantee natural therapy during your stay. Under the shade of the leaves you could have lunch or rest undisturbed, using our comfortable chairs for a even more shooting journey. This is a peaceful location, where you will be one thing with the singing of the birds and the flowing of the brooks.


The woody Valley that surrounds our house offers a series of spectacular walks and excursions through the local trails that lead to the castles of Zucco and Cuccagna, the mountain huts of Porzus and Monte Mia, the suggestive stone village of Costalunga, the antique Roccolo (maze of trees), the twin waterfalls and the source of the Grivò river.
Near the house you will find some wonderful natural pools for a refrigerating bath in the river, just remember not to eat before swimming (: